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AS 9003A 2012 Inspection and Test Quality Manual and Self Implement Package™

For Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations as well as Commercial Industries involved in the manufacture and distribution of Products

This Self and Quick Implement Package is designed to make it easy for you to implement an Inspection and Test Quality System and at the same time meet the AS 9003 A standard requirements. This package will assure certification if implemented according to the instruction guide, using the procedures and the items included in the self and quick implement package. In addition we provide one hundred percent support services as long as needed at no additional cost to you. Using this affordable self and quick implement package that contains all the items needed will save you time and money. We provide complete free support services via email and telephone. Hundreds of satisfied customers have in the past.

The self implement package contains the following:

Quality and Procedure Manual
The AS 9003A Standard
Instruction Guide (Step by Step instructions how to use the items in the package and how to implement)
A set of 28 control forms, including Operation Planning and Shop/Job Traveler, Inspection and Test Reports, etc.
Organization Chart
Quality Policy
Log books for Receiving Inspection, Non-conformance Records, Inspection and Test Records, Calibration Records, Stockroom Records, Inspection Stamps, etc.
Internal Audit Checklist to help to measure system compliance
Certificate for Self Declaration of Compliance
Free support service while you implement your inspection system

Gunther B. Gumpp, President of Quality Control System and Services, is the inventor of this patented self and quick implement package™. He has been providing quality management system and implementation services for 30 years and has helped hundreds of companies get certified. He is the author of best-selling books on quality such as: “How To Win With ISO 9000”, and “ISO 9000 Decoded” that was published in Germany and in the EU; he has written and published many other important papers and magazine articles on quality throughout his professional career.

Recent Successful Customer Certifications

AS 9100C certification:
Vince Medel, the QA Manager at Lou-Tech in Chino, California, just contacted us that his company was certified against AS 9100C standard requirements, without any write ups. This company used our Self Implement package in the past and the upgraded AS 9100C manuals; we provided some consulting services to aid in the implementation and the PEARS. The main credit however goes to Vince and his team that are true believers in Quality, period. Thank you Vince and Team.

AS 9100C certification:
David Szabo and Balazs Ormai the owners of EMS, located in Anaheim, California, asked us to help them to get a QM System in place and get certified as quickly as possible due to pending customer orders. We customized an AS 9100C self implement package and assisted the team including the George the QA Manager in the implementation. After only ten weeks the company was ready for third party certification audit and past with only 2 minor write ups. Thank you EMS Team, job well done.

ISO 9001-2008 certification:
ABC manufacturing, located in Anaheim, California, received third party registration against ISO 9001-2008 standard requirements. Originally we provided an ISO 9001-2000 self implement package and assisted in the implementation process. Recently we have provided them with an ISO 9001-2008 upgraded Policy and Procedure Manual that helped to receive now their most current certification. The QA Manager, Roscoe Meyer and the Team have provided excellent services and deserve all the credit. Thank you Roscoe and ABC Quality Team.
Note: Above companies have provided us permission for the narrative and the mentioning of their accomplishment.

AS 9003 Certification
Fiedler Engineering located in Huntington Beach, California, received certification from a important Aerospace prime contractor utilizing our AS 9003 self implement package in a relative very short time. We assisted with some support services via telephone and email and within eight weeks they had the system in place ready for certification. Thank you Gerhard and Team.

Do You Have a Question?-Ask Gunther

If you have any questions on our products, please don’t hesitate and contact us. Gunther or one of his highly experienced QCSS personnel will assist you and answer any question you may have, or we will research it for you, for FREE. We pride ourselves in doing it the old fashion way, by earning your trust providing professional and affordable services.
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AS9003A Manual and Self and Quick Implement Package
AS9003A Manual and Self and Quick Implement Package
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