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 Quality News Letter

San Clemente, September, 2013


Gunther Gumpp is the President of Quality Control Systems and Services, LLC which he founded in 1984. Above are shown some of the books and one of many patented Self Implement Packages™ that Gunther has designed and written in the course of his professional career.

 The company provides affordable quality management system implementation and training services for manufacturing and machine job shop companies using a no-nonsense approach saving our customer lots of money and headaches. We guarantee system certification within 10 to 16 weeks, depending on scope and size of company when using and following the instructions that are part of our patented Self Implement Package™ and instructions on How to Implement for ISO 9001-2008 , ISO 13485-2003, AS 9100C, AS 9003A, AS 9120A, and TS 16949. See customer testimonials on page 2 of this news-letter.

 The patented Self Implement Packages™, which has been called the “Cadillac for Quality Management Systems” by some of our customers, provides everything an organization needs to meet respective quality standard requirements and will help you to get certified quickly and easily for only $2,500.00. If you need assistance we will provide you with four to five onsite, three hour training sessions for a reasonable additional charge of $ 2,450.00 helping you to implement the package. For a total of $4,950.00 you will have a complete quality management system in place ready for certification. This special offer applies to companies with 25 employees or less. We provide you with customer testimonials that have used our services successfully.

We will assist you from start to finish and to find you the best suited Registrar that will perform the certification and registration audit.


If you have any questions on QMS topics and on       our products and services, please don’t hesitate and contact us. We will assist you and answer any question you may have, or we will research it for you, for FREE. We pride ourselves in doing it the old fashion way, by earning your trust in providing upfront free information and professional and affordable services since 1984.


Here are excerpts from previous customers having used successfully our services:

Current Customer Testimonials


AS 9100C Third party certification:

David Szabo and Balazs Ormai the owners of EMS, located in Anaheim, California, asked us to help them to get a QM System in place and get certified as quickly as possible due to pending customer orders. We customized an AS 9100C self implement package and assisted the team including the George the QA Manager in the implementation. After only ten weeks the company was ready for third party certification audit and past the audit and got certified.

Thank you EMS Team, job exceptionally well done.

AS 9100C Third party certification:

Vince Medel, the QA Manager at Lou-Tech in Chino, California, just contacted us that his company was certified against AS 9100C standard requirements, without any write ups. This company used our Self Implement package in the past and the upgraded AS 9100C manuals; we provided some consulting services to aid in the implementation and sample PEARS. The main credit however goes to Vince Porto and his team which are true believers in Quality, period. Thank you Vince Medel and Team.


ISO 9001-2008 Third party certification:

ABC manufacturing, located in Anaheim, California, received third party registration against ISO 9001-2008 standard requirements. Originally we provided an ISO 9001-2000 self implement package and assisted in the implementation process. Recently we have provided them with an ISO 9001-2008 upgraded Policy and Procedure Manual that helped to receive now their most current certification. The QA Manager, Roscoe Meyer and the Team have provided excellent services and deserve all the credit. Thank you ABC Top Management and ABC Quality Team.


ISO 9001-2008 Third party certification:

Viair Corp located in Irvine, California used our ISO 9001 self implement package and asked us to assist in the implementation. Alan Basham, Director of operations and his team went to work and with assistance from us got certified with excellent results. Thank you Alan and Team.


ISO 9001-2008 Third party certification:

John Rooks, Operation Manager of Carroll Coatings, located in Providence, RI, purchased an ISO 9001 self implement package and started to self implement the package with some assistance from us via telephone and email. He is now ready for system certification. Thank you John for your kind remarks about our package.


Note: Above companies have provided us permission for the narrative and the mentioning of their accomplishment.


 For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate and please contact us either via email: qcss@qcss.ocm or call us via: 949-388786. We will provide you with any additional information that you may need to help you in our quest for quality management system compliance, there are no obligation to purchase anything.


Thank you for your patronage,


Gunther Gumpp, QCSS Senior Consultant and President

Tel: 949-388-7686, email:
qcss@qcss.co, web site: qcss.com

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