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ISO 9001 - 2015 Manual

ISO 9001-2015 Quality and Procedure Manual-Download or Hardcopy

(ISBN 1881006-88-3)

This Policy and Procedure Manual is based on the current ISO 9001- 2015 quality management system standard. It is designed for any company that needs to meet this standard and/or is seeking consistency in quality of manufactured products, and by doing so meeting and satisfying customer requirements. This manual contains all the requirements when complied with to get certified and registered.

The manual comes with a Company Policy providing you with the key objectives of your company, with a complete set of Procedures including clause 8.3-Product Design, that describes how to control and how to set up a manufacturing and machine shop operation, from reviewing a customer order, assigning a work order number, opening up a job or work order file to planning of the required manufacturing operations, addressing first article, in process and final inspection operations to packaging and shipping. It also provides a neat training program that enables you to meet internal training requirements and at the same time meets standard requirements.

It includes state of the art control forms such as: An organization chart, job card-shop traveler, inspection reports for first article, in process and final inspection, rejection report and a reject control log, receiving inspection log, inspection equipment calibration forms, it also includes a flow chart that shows the flow of key processes in sequence as required in clause 4.4.1, and a chart showing the four level documentation pyramid concept, the Q.M.S manual is based on.

Finally it includes a Quality Performance Rating Chart showing the state of performance of set quality objectives stated in the Quality Policy and Quality Objective section.

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ISO 9001-2015 Policy and Procedure Manual (Hard Copy and CD)
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